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Natcom Europe is officially developing across European countries the strong business of Natcom Global: ideation, creation, distribution and sales of short video products (30-90 seconds), in the framework of classic media, web and social media, updating and implementing a business model for the European market.

Our mission


From our proprietary library of digital content to our engaging video stories on behalf of brands:

Natcom creates compelling video experiences to enrich the lives of audiences worldwide.


We produce daily multicultural contents in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, and our cutting-edge technology ensures seamless global distribution across any platform or device using our own technology.

Millions of users

The result is an intimate connection with millions of people.

Every day.



Direct production and sell, through our platform, of videos to publishers (who will publish videos on their platforms or transmit on their networks). 

Each video can be produced branded (Natcom) or in white label.

Example: news content production focused on a international topic trend on Italian territory, assigned to customer broadcasters in white label or branded (Natcom).


Sell and insertion of ADV inside video contents in the form of pre-roll (compulsory advertising displayed before the start of the video) for the contents distributed to publishers.

Example: Insertion of Video-ADV (15") – sold directly to companies or through ADServer networks – in the form of pre-roll before each video distributed to Natcom Europe's customers.


Production and distribution of ad hoc editorial content on customer needings, both at the in-video product placement level, and at products branded content level.

Example: production of ad hoc contents for customer companies, both at branded content style (focus on specific topics, i.e. for food, a video content explains as the XYZ company is at the cutting-edge of food innovation), and at product placement style (focus on specific products, i.e. for automotive, a video content show and present the new ZYX car as an example of the vanguard of technology).


Marketing and consultancy projects aimed at video content self-production and/or at the use of Natcom Europe platform.

Example: marketing and communication projects on Betting and related TV communication through self-produced contents, commissioned by international clients for the launch of a new product or for market sensitization to specific topics.


Organization and self-production of multimedial contents related to events through two different pillars:

1. Production and distribution of video contents filmed during the event if the organization is in charge of a third party. 

2. Sponsorships, in the event that Natcom Europe is the creator and the organizer of the event, as well as a video content producer.

Example: production and distribution of video contents realized during the "Prima della Scala" in Milan or during Events/Tours organized and directly managed by Natcom Europe.


Distribution of advertising contents (self-produced or supplied by the customers) to the Natcom Europe Publishers / Distributors network, in the form of video ADV pre-roll.

Example: The investing company in communication must distribute an advertisement as a pre-roll. With a given advertising budget available, Natcom Europe distributes the ADV-spot to its Publisher's international network as pre-roll on third-party or self-produced videos until a certain budget threshold is reached, with fixed CPMs.

Premium content marketplace

Natcom lays on Vidweb technology: proprietary platform of distribution, acts like content marketplace and artificial intelligence with exclusive video content designed for publishers, content creators, brands and agencies.

Vidweb provides our exclusive and growing digital video multicultural library in a state-of-the-art video player that is enhanced with reporting and monetization tools. At more than 20,000 videos in English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, our library is updated daily with fresh contents and offers all our production with a focus on health, wellness, lifestyle, fashion, Made in Italy, breaking and trending news, celebrities, technology, sports and many others.


Extensive multicultural digital video library for growing and engaging audiences and boosting revenue.


Powerful video player with robust analytics and unlimited streaming across any browser or device.


Native integration of AD-Networks and SSP’s to boost revenue on desktop, mobile or native apps.

Content  ·  Video Technology ·  Monetization ·  ADV & Revenues Managing tools ·  Profilation   ·  Analytics

In one powerful platform.



From publisher sites and social media platforms to digital-out-of-home networks and mobile apps, Natcom Europe's content is seen in multiple languages by audiences around the world.


Natcom Europe

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